Who we are

The Verde Valley Agriculture Coalition (VVAgC) is a new organization forming under the auspices of the Verde Valley Regional Economic Organization for those interested in all facets of agriculture in the region. Members represent land owners, growers, producers, and educators as well as public sector organizations and non profits concerned about retaining and enhancing the Verde’s abilities to feed itself with safe, nutritious, locally grown food.


Cultivating a sustainable “agricultural renaissance” in the Verde Valley


The mission of the Verde Valley Agriculture Coalition as follows:
We provide the leadership and collaborative network to establish and maintain an agricultural system, which significantly contributes to economic vitality, food safety and security, and overall quality of life and community.


For the next 12 to 18 months, VVAgC will be focusing on the following areas and on specific goals and objectives within each areas:


  1. Build the VVAgC organization
  2. Establish funding strategies
  3. Establish web presence


  1. Establish a communications team
  2. Build a communications plan
  3. Execute the communications plan
  4. Establish a community education plan


  1. Perform a resource assessment of the Verde Valley agricultural environment
  2. Investigate establishing a Verde Valley growers buying club
  3. Research, plan, and organize a cooperative