Welcome to Verde Valley Agriculture Coalition (VVAgC)

Small Irrigators Workshop
Friday Feb 24th
10: 00 AM to 3:00 PM
Town of Camp Verde Community Gym

Verde Natural Resource Conservation District

Demonstrations, technical assistance and time for Questions and Answers. Bring a sack lunch; Afternoon field trip
for more info call 602-903-2436 or verdenrdc.org

Agriculture to Appetites: Sustaining Working Landscapes in a Changing Arizona
 An Interactive Series of Free Events
With the long-standing traditions of Arizona agriculture under fire due to rising land prices, changing markets, threatened water supplies, and a warming climate, this series will take a close look at how agriculture is dealing with these threats, and what might be done in the future. The free sessions will be held on three separate evenings in Clarkdale, Tuba City, and Flagstaff and will feature short presentations by regional experts and roundtable discussions among interested community members. For more information check out the facebook event page.

CLARKDALE: Tuesday, February 28, at the Yavapai College Verde Valley Campus,  6:30 to 8 PM
TUBA CITY: Tuesday, March 28, at Tuba City, 6:30 to 8 PM (Daylight Savings Time)
FLAGSTAFF: Tuesday, April 18, at Ashurst Auditorium, Northern Arizona University,  6:30 to 8 PM

Verde Valley Agriculture Coalition is planting seeds in the Verde Valley.  In 2016, VVAgC was instrumental in helping to update guidance from Yavapai County Community Health Service (YCCHS) regarding sales of locally farmed produce to restaurants and schools. For restaurateurs, the change in procedure requires that you log in the items as you usually would, including the name of the farmer and farm from which it came. As for farmers wanting to sell to restaurant and schools, YCCHS would like you to be GAP certified, but it is not a requirement, and all produce sold must be identified with your farm information. You can read/download the new guidance here.

We’re also working on our membership base, so we can connect local farmers to their neighbors who are looking to buy their products.  And we’re building a platform that will give residents of the Verde Valley a chance to expand their knowledge of agriculture in our area, both in location and in education.